dancing star birth Birthing from Within® Prenatal Classes

Whether you birth at home or in the hospital, have a cesarean birth or a water birth, we offer you the skills and resources you need to feel confident and connected in the birth of your baby.

Most families who choose our prenatal classes are wanting more than just information, seeking to prepare in heart, body and mind for birth and parenthood. Birthing from Within prenatal classes offer a unique blend of practical information and emotional preparation. Each prenatal class includes a special session just for fathers, a gathering for mom and baby, and our exclusive pain-coping practice CD & videos.

dancing star birthSupport for Mom and Baby

Laugh, learn, and share in your first months of motherhood with our unique five week Mothers Unfolding group for mom and baby. We explore the changes and challenges, and grow deep and lasting friendships!

Or come to a single drop-in class to share tips and tricks and ask questions ~ free with prenatal, but all are welcome!

dancing star birthOngoing Support for Your Growing Family

We encourage you to stay in touch and use us as a resource and support as your baby grows older - sharing birth stories, asking questions as your little one becomes a toddler and beyond. One day...you might even join us for a Birthing Again workshop to help you welcome another baby into your growing family!

mama renewOngoing Support for You

Mothering knocks your socks off; changes the world; re-arranges priorities. After years of non-stop change, we need time to come back to ourselves, our roots, and ourselves as women. It's the space to hear ourselves think! Mama Renew brings together a community of experienced mothers, with kids between 1 and 18 years. Honoring the challenges, successes, failures and wisdom we've earned as mothers, we explore the women we've become. It's a gift to yourself that pays dividends for your family.

"Taking Mama Renew was like stumbling onto an oasis in a desert... I had to drink deeply for the colour to come back into the world. I hadn't even realized how thirsty I was!"