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We have moved! 

Same classes, same teachers + doulas, different name. 

Our classes have moved to We are excited for you to come explore our new website. 

Vancouver Doulas

Dancing Star Birth has a team of doulas and birth photographers working in the Lower Mainland, both in hospital and at home. Everyone on our team has been mentored by Morag Hastings, who has offered families warm, dedicated and informed support since 2011. 

We’ve created a community where your doula has exceptional support, allowing them to provide you with quality, one-to-one care.​ Book a free consult with one of our experienced doulas or contact us directly at

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   Included In All Our Doula Packages

  • Free initial consult

  • 2-3 prenatal visits including birth plan prep

  • Use of Elle Tens

  • Access to an extensive library

  • Unlimited phone, text and email support

  • On-call doula, pregnancy and postpartum service 24/7 from the moment of hire until a few weeks after your birth

  • 1-2 postpartum visits for hands-on assistance with new baby care, infant feeding and a valuable birth debrief session.

  • Each of our doulas offers extra services to meet the needs of our clients including birth photography, birth pools and postpartum support.

  • Our doulas have a close community for backup and extra support.

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