Meet the Dancing Star Birth Community

As a community of parents, we are able to help you get connected with some of the best pregnancy and postpartum practitioners the Vancouver area has to offer – childbirth educators, birth and postpartum doulas, birth supply representatives, food and nutrition specialists, lactation consultants, and more.

On this page, you can learn more about our core team of mentors as well as some of the practitioners we work closely within Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

Over 4,000 new families have enjoyed our informative & transformative Birthing From Within childbirth classes. Together, our team of prenatal educators represent over three decades of experience, and a collective 65 years of mothering our children. We actively support one another as mentors and seek to enhance what we offer our clients with each class we teach.


~ Dancing Star Birth Team         


Birth and Postpartum Facilitators & Mentors

We have handpicked this fantastic team of doulas, facilitators and mentors to support your family.


Morag Hastings

Owner and Facilitator

Morag is an educator, doula and birth photographer from Galiano Island off the coast of B.C. where she grew up viewing birth as a normal, natural process. As a mother of three, Morag has the first-hand experience in what it’s like to be a birthing woman and new parent. She always shares this insight with extremely refreshing, no-holds-barred honesty and humour.


Her work with her busy doula and birth photography business, Apple Blossom Families has not only helped individual families to have more positive births but also has been hugely successful at increasing awareness of normal birth and breastfeeding practices through her photography since 2010.


Dori Harrison

Prenatal Class Facilitator

Dori brings warm and practical energy to all that she does. As an artist and mother, she has an amazing ability to tap into the power of both intuition and self-belief and to share this power with those in her classes.


With a wide and open smile, Dori helps new families consider how they might cope with the unknown experiences of birth and new parenting.


Judy McLaren

BIrthing From Within

Prenatal Class Facilitator

I am a seasoned birth doula, breastfeeding counselor, and a certified Birthing from Within childbirth educator. Always having an interest in maternal health, I was drawn into full time birth work through the quality care I received in my first birth, now a seasoned mother of three wonderful children.


Birthing from Within has truly revolutionized my Doula care, facilitating, mentoring and motherhood. I love how it helps you go beyond the surface to your intuitive knowing, and offers a chance to practice the mindset needed to birth, no matter what happens and no matter what you decide. 



Birth and Postpartum Doula 

I was born for birth work, although it wasn’t until about 5 years ago that I uncovered the deep calling that connected me to this path.


After pursuing an education first in Social Work, and then Women’s Studies – I finally became clear on my true career direction when I recognized the transformative power birth has on us as individuals, as families, and as communities. Birth is our shared experience as human beings.


Our entrance to the world shapes the people we become. I believe empowerment and intention are our two greatest tools for a successful and healthy birth. As a doula trained by both Wise Woman Way of Birth locally, and internationally through The Matrona, I support diverse families of all backgrounds mentally, physically and emotionally. I do this by providing information and education throughout the pregnancy, with hands-on comfort measures during labour and delivery, showing up and supporting in the postpartum period, and by holding space and creating an energetic container for the birthing family to feel safely held during their entire birth experience.


To me, empowerment comes from being educated and aware of all options and choices available to you, as well as recognizing your ability to say an enthusiastic yes, or an equally firm no, about any of them. Pregnancy can be such a magical time filled with new sensations, experiences, and awareness – and at the same time can feel overwhelming with the many changes taking place physically and emotionally. My role is to offer education, support, and my unwavering belief in your ability to grow, nourish, love and birth your baby, and to advocate for you to do it in whatever way feels most aligned and true to you. With the right education, you are empowered to set an intention for your birth experience and can trust you have the support to make it a reality.


When I’m not supporting families you can find me furthering my birth knowledge through education (books, podcasts, etc), cooking and eating all my favourite foods, laughing as much as I can, and getting lost in the beautiful forests of the West Coast.


Packages start at $1295



Birth Doula

Like many birth workers, my path to becoming a doula began with my own fertility and childbirth journey. As I gained knowledge I became increasingly passionate about improving childbirth for everyone, and now you might say that I’m obsessed! Next I became certified as a doula and childbirth educator and completed various smaller courses on topics such as supporting pregnancy and infant loss. I will always be adding to my skills and knowledge to offer an ever-expanding range of practices and insights to my clients. 


My doula style is pragmatic, direct and non-judgemental. My clients have remarked that I provide a balanced mix of practical help and emotional support. I use an evidence-based approach and my goal is to give new families knowledge and confidence about the childbirth process so they can go into it feeling positive and well-informed. Then I show up on the day and do what needs doing to ensure the best possible experience. This may include showing your partner possible ways to support you, handling logistical tasks so they can focus only on you, offering you both encouragement and advice, and ideas to help with coping in labour such as breathing, relaxation techniques, movement and positions.


When I’m not talking about birth, at a birth or buried in a book about birth I can usually be found enjoying my beloved Hastings Sunrise and Grandview-Woodland neighbourhoods with my dog and toddler. 



Services start at $895



Birth Doula

I have found my heart's calling in birth work. Supporting families through their childbearing time has been such an honour and I'm falling more deeply in love with birth the more I witness this transformative process. Since completing my doula training with Wise Woman Way of Birth, as well as The Matrona with Whapio, I have been actively supporting birthing families in the Vancouver area for the past 3 years. I am thrilled to be mentoring with Morag to futher my knowledge and learn from her wealth of wisdom and experience.

I am a mother to 3 incredible children. I began my journey in birth work after my first birth experience - I knew there was something missing, and that I wanted something different for any future births. I hired a doula for my second birth, who gave me invaluable love and support, and made me feel so strong and capable. After this experience, I knew I wanted to provide this support to other birthing people.

I view birth as a normal physiological process, as well as a transformative rite of passage, that should be held sacred. I strive to support you in creating an environment where you and your birth are honoured and respected, however birth unfolds. I support your vision for your birth and believe deeply in your capability to birth. As your doula, I provide non-judgmental support, education, and companionship throughout your pregnancy. I am a safe space for you to share fears, hopes, and dreams about your experience. I love supporting families in gaining clarity around what they wish for their birth, and how to best achieve this birth vision! We work on creating deep trust and connection to your body, your baby and birth. As you enter your birth process, I hold space for you to fully release and surrender to your body's innate wisdom to birth. 

As your doula, I will walk with you and be a witness to your transformation and power. I will be your anchor, and believe in your ability to make autonomous decisions, birthing your baby, your way.

If this is for you, please connect with me! Book me early - we will have more time to connect, to feel informed and build your confidence as you navigate your pregnancy.


Doula Package starts at $1295 



Doula + Birth Photographer

 I came to find my passion for supporting families after I was deeply involved in my sister’s pregnancy and birth journey. Since then I have taken numerous training and grown my experience through supporting clients. I have completed training through Motherwit and am certified through Wise Women Way of Birth. I utilize tools gained through my diverse education to support you through pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I strive to ensure I continue to provide informed support for all birthing people, all bodies and all families. I am here to help honour your chosen path.


My personality shines through in my role as a birth worker, you can expect to be met with open, honest discussions, my love of all beings and some good laughs. I draw from my past desire to be a sexual health educator through using non-judgemental care no matter the topic. I have a knack for making families feel comfortable during this transformative process and confident in choosing decisions that feel right for them.


Add-on services with Martha include Postpartum Care and Professional Birth Photography.


Services start at $1295.

Vancouver  Pregnancy and Postpartum Resources

Our work is wonderfully complimented by these fantastic practitioners, including midwives, doctors, birth supply rentals, birth and postpartum doulas, photographers, chefs, acupuncturists, and yoga classes. 

Families that book our classes get a resource guide filled with information from the Dancing Star Birth community. Including over $150 in coupons for wonderful Lower Mainland services to support your new family.


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Registered Holistic Nutritionist

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Kristie Robin


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Apple Blossom Families

Doula and Birth Photographer

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