Pregnancy Loss Resources

We have gathered these resources in support of those of you who have experienced the loss of a child through miscarriage, termination or stillbirth. This is never an easy topic to discuss in class when you are all there with full bellies and healthy growing babies. So many of us carry deep inside the memory of the babies who have died. Whether we were pregnant for five or forty weeks, loss is never easy, and so often we don't get the support or acknowledgement we need.

The following are just a few articles that capture in some way the journey of loss, grief, and letting go. We hope they provide some comfort to you. If you are feeling the grief of a past loss more strongly during this pregnancy, please don't hesitate to call us - we are here to support you in your unique journey to the birth of your child.

Resources for Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss

How to Cope with a Miscarriage In Praise of Telling Too Soon The Need to Grieve Miscarriage

Resources for Stillbirth

Invisible Motherhood Remembering... Charlotte's Grace (stillbirth) Breaking the Silence of Stillbirth

When Children Die

The Hole in the Middle of the Bed (family who lost a young child to cancer)

Online Support and Books

Mothering Your Heart (wonderful online program created by a local midwife) Mending Invisible Wings Journal

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